New & used cars

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Used and new cars

The kind of dilemma which always get wrinkled. There will always be your friend remove the screw that screw any decision related to cars, because he knows and you do not. Peace to sleep, consider our advice and not let others make decisions for you just because they are vocal.

The best way to decide is to do some calculations to see strengths and weaknesses of the acquisition.

Advantages of a new car:

A. The smell of new. The impression made those around him. The idea that you have something firsthand. All are psychological benefits, but matters a lot, especially if you're determined to prove your value and keep the symbols of social status.

Two. Manufacturer's warranty. For several years will not have to worry about the car. Whatever would happen, insurance or manufacturer will be responsible for repairs. Especially for those without technical or mechanical knowledge, this is the main advantage of a new car.

Three. Lack of wearing the possibility to use quiet 2-300000 kilometers, about how last a modern car.

Four. Safety. All modern cars come with a lot of safety systems and are designed to resist all kinds of accident scenarios.

Five. Opportunity to buy a machine configured as you want fixed. This often requires a wait time of several months before the car can be delivered.

6. Low pollution, low, lower taxes and lower costs. All this adds to the cost of use.

Disadvantages of a new car:

A. It is truly a new day. The difference between a car and a new waste thickness is on the fence dealer. After you came to her door dealer lost 15-20% of value.

Two. After several months has no smell and no presence of model new again. After a year old model already, there probably after two different versions of the same model show. Instead, you will pay the new one for 4-5 years and it will be somewhat new within a year.

Three. All options outstanding for which you have paid more to lose solid resale value.

Let's analyze the other side of the dilemma.

Advantages of used car
- Low cost of acquisition. This is great advantage in favor of used cars.

- Optionals almost free. The difference between old cars and the full-option in the basic version is much smaller when used.

- Stay within budget. Do not borrow, spend as you. Eventually you can buy a car from a higher class at a good price.

- Lower cost of motor insurance.

Disadvantages used car

- Lack of a guarantee from the manufacturer. If you manage to buy a car or a warranty remaining on dealer warranty (when applicable) can overcome this disadvantage.

- Maintenance costs. An old car needs a close inspection, perhaps changing of consumables and other major parts. In future, more likely to need repairs which would have required a new car.

- Questionable quality. If you do not know who the car belonged to and how it was maintained, you at risk. Furthermore, do not have access to a car's real history, the incidents in which she was involved. You can choose a jalopy that to give good money and that you consume a lot of money until you're desperate enough that you try to pass, again losing much.

- Rebuilt machines. Buy a car that was driven by a theoretical calm grandmother in Germany only on highways clean as the palm. Practically, it may be recomposed in a car accident or assembled from several crock. Never had the whole car performance or behavior, the original. Many of the "opportunities" were born so local.

- Increased consumption, high taxes. Story by 3.5% beer is good, in reality it is absurd to expect that old engine with older technology, to consume the same or less than the new one.

- Risks are higher for a used car, especially since you have no warranty coverage. No Owner will tell you: Take it! It's bad, even if you know and know and car. However, you should not give up the idea of ​​second hand car.

How to choose? Simple, pencil on paper.

Make a calculation and the new old car that includes:

- Period of operation (1, 2, 4 years and think how you will use, usually less than you imagine);

- Purchase cost and current cost, approximately, the sale of the old model equivalent;

- Annual maintenance costs (maintenance, taxes, taxes);

- Estimated annual number of miles;

- Cost of fuel and consumables

- The cost of insurance;

- The cost of leasing or loan, when you do not pay the full car (about 10% per year).

You add all these costs and subtract the estimated cost of selling them. You get the total cost of ownership of the car during the day. You see that is much higher than what you expected. It's a good time to think about how to save the car.

New or used? Once you have made the calculation, to simplify things. Remember though that a new car is higher depreciation costs.

Let's say your new car cost 1.000 $ depreciation annually, compared to the ads. This means that while spending on repairs and parts not more than 1,000 $ win with a second hand car (but lose the psychological benefits and social status, hard quantifiable).

Occasionally make calculations about the car, especially after you have in a while. Analyze the results and take the right decision when you want to sell or you think you deserve to keep.
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