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Dacia Dokker is a 5-seater Combi for mixed use (both for personal and business purposes), which has a trunk volume and modularity to the best level of class. Dacia Dokker Van is a van whose quality tools at the best level of the market will persuade customers, mostly small traders and entrepreneurs. These two new vehicles, accurate values ​​of the Dacia brand, offer generous benefits at an affordable price. They will be sold starting in June 2012 in Morocco and in the fall of 2012 in Europe.

Dacia Dokker addresses a clientele looking for a versatile vehicle while providing transport bulky objects and family travel in total comfort. It can carry 5 persons providing the largest amount of trunk segment. By folding the rear seats get a load of 3 m3, adapted for professional use. Access to the loading or rear seats is facilitated by two glass sliding doors.

Utilitarian version, Dacia Dokker Van, a van is reliable and robust. Its load capacity stands at the best level of modularity due to seat the right segment (Dacia Easy Seat option). Loading is facilitated due to large side door, sliding. To better meet user expectations, Dokker van offers numerous possibilities for transformation and a wide range of accessories.

As with Lodgy Dacia, inside and Dokker Dokker Van models provides comfort items, modern and practical. They may have multimedia system "Media Nav" touch screen of 18 cm (7''), navigation system, radio, Bluetooth connectivity and telephony system. Optionally available speed limiter and rear parking assistance.

Dacia Dokker Dokker and Van are proposed, depending on the country, with four engines: 1.2 petrol new TCe 115 hp, engine 1.6 MPI 85hp petrol and diesel 1.5 dCi 75 hp and 90 hp. The two diesel engines Dacia eco2 label that displays the benefits of consuming just 4.5 l/100 km * and generates CO2 emissions of 118 g / km,
Renault experience, leadership in light commercial vehicles in Europe since 1998, complete reliability and quality recognized Dacia models. Van Dokker design model was made according to requirements specifications developed by Renault for its range of vehicles. The vehicle was subjected to severe tests used for vans Renault models, tests that reproduce the most difficult situations for use by customers.


The name "Dokker" is derived from the English word "dockworker" which means workers who handle the loading and unloading ships in port. He emphasizes the capacity load of these two vehicles, their modularity and robustness.

The lines and proportions and Dacia Dacia Dokker Dokker Van highlights generous interior space. Length of 4.36 m, width 1.75 m and height 1.81 m, the two models provide a roomy interior. This impression is reinforced by robust flanks. Sliding doors and rear doors provide easy access asymmetric interior.

Membership in Dacia design is enhanced by larger grille and headlights. Form, which evokes modernity and technology fit into the new visual identity Dacia, foreshadowed by Lodgy.

Exterior design, with simple shapes and sober lines, expressing quality and robustness, the fundamental elements for Dacia. The impression of solidity is accentuated by the high sides and door design. Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and benefits, in series, black bumpers that go up to the headlights. In turn, the rear bumpers are so positioned as to ensure protection headlights. Depending on the version, the two models can benefit from lateral rods.

Body color bumpers, specific to particular cars, are optional on the model Dokker Van and Combi versions of the model above.

The interior is built around a modern and functional dashboard, which offers many storage spaces intended for intensive use. The impression of solidity is enhanced by rounded surfaces. Depending on the version, in two color treatment of the dashboard is found on door panels. Models enjoy the same board as Dacia Lodgy dials and system multimedia "Media Nav" to provide more technology.

Van Dokker Dokker and also take developments in ergonomics present Lodgy Dacia. This is especially the new orders of windscreen wipers and the headlights. Electric window controls are placed on hand on the door handles.

Combi version has a similar interior of a car, had a specific indoor environment. In the upper range versions, has a center console finish "Brilliant metal gray". Add to this a chrome ornaments for front door handles to dashboard dials and gear lever.

100% Useful for Daily Life

Dacia Dokker, versatile combi
Dacia Dokker can carry up to 5 people in total comfort, in addition to providing a roomy trunk for luggage occupants. With a capacity of 800 liters and a load length of 1.16 m, Dacia Dokker has the largest trunk in its segment.

Dacia Dokker series is equipped with a sliding side door design. A second sliding door is available as an option or set on top of the range version. With an opening of 703 mm, sliding doors for easy access to rear seats secure, no matter what.

Rear seat provides generous space occupants. Passenger seats installed here enjoy sitting away from the flag of 1065 mm. Width at shoulder height is 1458 mm and knee space available is 177 mm.

Rear split 2/3 - 1/3 allows you to choose several configurations. Each part of the rear seat backrest can be lowered separately on the rump with a handle attached to the top of the seat. This fold-style "wallet" behind the front seats, ensuring a flat floor with a length of 1.57 m and a volume of 3 m3.

Dacia Van Dokker among the most practical models in its category
Due to its size (length-4, 36 m, width-1, 75 m and height-1, 81 m), Dacia Dokker Van offers generous load volume of 3.3 m3 and a load length of 1.9 m .

With a load capacity is increased in Dacia Easy Seat option. The passenger seat is versatile: it can be folded flat to emit a flat surface, like a folding tables and can be in position "wallet" supported by the box of documents to get such a load length of 2.42 m more , the seat can be removed from the vehicle, offering a load capacity of 3.9 m3. This last configuration allows easy loading of objects with a length of 3 m (length load: 3.11 m). With these values, Dacia Van Dokker ranks among the most functional vehicle in its segment. Modularity does not affect passenger comfort, as Dacia Easy Seat is adjustable in length and is tilting backrest. Maximum payload of 750 kg Dacia Dokker Van achieve.

Depending on the version and the regulations in force in various countries, the interior cargo space is separated by two bumpers, glazed wall or a trellis swing. The latter allows folding passenger seat (option Dacia Easy Seat) due to higher volume, while ensuring protection of the driver.

Dacia Van Dokker benefit in a number of side sliding door, the second will be available as an option. Robust, doors open effortlessly handle large due and provides easy access to cargo area.

And asymmetrical rear doors swing open at 90deg and a locked door retainer which prevents closing if a gust of wind. This system is operated by a handle located on the inside of the door on the right and ensure open doors to 180 deg.

Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van - Gallery plus complete technical specifications

Numerous storage spaces and Dokker Van Dokker
To ease the daily life of the driver, the vehicle has many functional and ergonomic spaces, whose total volume reached 44.2 liters combined version. In a large storage space, light, located on the dashboard, you can put a laptop and A4 documents. Dokker also has a box of documents enclosed (depending on equipment level) of 6.6 liters and a storage flag (depending on version) of 12 liters, easily accessible. The driver left, a small enclosed space, which is handy, very useful for small objects.

Front doors have storage space for 1.5 liter bottles. The center console is placed a second cup holder and storage space below.

Version for the rear combination provides support for 0.5-liter bottles in the center console, small storage spaces additional doors and pockets in the front seat backs (depending on version).

Dacia Renault benefits from the experience in terms of additional adjustments for professional clients. Together with our network of builders Renault agreed to numerous changes have been developed. Dacia Van Dokker can be configured so that ambulance vehicle, disabled motor vehicle, vehicle insulated / refrigerated, vehicle or vehicle workshop intervention.

To meet customer requirements, Dacia offers an extensive range of accessories and interior design. Such equipment are available that provide more comfort and greater load capacity: center armrest, DVD system, storage space on the back seat, child seats, cooler box, boot flag at the separation grid rear seats (the combined version), etc..

The utilitarian version, is enhanced by offering tailored professional accessories: cargo space protected with wooden panels, protection of the wheel arches, warehouses, steel roof bars, grills on the rear glass doors, etc..


With the launch of Dacia Lodgy, numerous benefits have been improved to provide more comfort, modernity and practicality. Latest models, Dacia and Dokker Dokker Van naturally benefits from these developments.

Media Nav, easy to use
Dacia Lodgy already opened, multimedia system "Media Nav" is available now and Dacia Dokker Dokker and Van. Perfectly integrated in the center console of the dashboard, the system features a touch screen of 18 cm (7''). Available optional, it is easy to use, combining the functions of navigation, radio and Bluetooth hands-free connection (r).

Menu provides easy navigation in the 6 "universes" of Media Nav. USB and jack sockets provide connecting a portable device that can be controlled either by touch screen or satellite from the command wheel.

Touch and intuitive navigation system has a 2D and Birdview (3D). With USB plug and a dedicated web interface, customers can enrich the content and update maps.

As an alternative to Media Nav two other multimedia solutions are available that provide a better answer as to the needs of each:

The Dacia Plug & Radio includes a large screen, radio, CD, MP3, Bluetooth (r), Jack and USB sockets and driving Satellite commands.

The Plug & Music Dacia, lower (1 DIN), which allows integration of additional storage space. The system has the same functions as Dacia Plug & Radio, except CD player.

All these systems benefit from developments specific sound installation "3D Sound by Arkamys (r)" offered in the Renault range. Due to a specific program digital sound processing, Arkamys process (r) permits a sound and a higher level of fidelity. Sound from the 4 speakers is issued in three dimensions, adjusting its shape considering the cabin and the type of materials used.

A comfortable driving position and ergonomic
Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and provides a leadership position raised by 3.5 cm from the Logan MCV. Due to the adjustment of the steering wheel and seat height, the driver enjoys a convenient ergonomic. In addition, he can rest his left leg on a support bracket located near.

Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and enjoy new dashboard, modern and ergonomic inaugurated Lodgy Dacia. In its center is located speedometer, rev counter with left and right a screen showing fuel level and total and partial mileage. On versions equipped with trip computer, this screen displays the amount of fuel used and distance achieved in a way, average and instantaneous consumption, autonomy estimated in miles, average speed, distance to the next revision, speed limiter and time.

As on Lodgy, new equipment assistance are available to drive. Speed ​​limiter allows the driver to set a speed that does not want to exceed and run so carefree. This function is activated and deactivated with a button on the center console and adjustment is done using a button + and - on the steering wheel until the desired speed. The system automatically deactivates when a sudden presses the accelerator pedal.

Rear parking assistance is also proposed and Dokker Dokker Dacia Van. Sensors located on the rear bumper beeps which indicates the remaining distance between the vehicle driver and obstacle. Function is activated and deactivated manually via a button located on the left wheel.

Performance air conditioning system is the best level of the combined type vehicle market. The system was scaled depending on cabin size and the glass surface. Renault engineers were inspired by the air conditioning of the Renault Megane to improve air circulation and have great power to amplify sound without running. The air is cooled faster and in a homogeneous distribution in the cabin thanks to simultaneous front and back.

Special attention was given sound level. Surface parts of soundproofing present under the hood, underbody, wheel arches and in fixing the windshield, was increased by 30% over the Dacia Duster. The new 1.5 dCi engine injectors also diminishes operating noise.

Aerodynamic noise were also reduced due to new design of the exterior mirrors and roof bars. Foam inserts and seals, and strengthening certain parts to eliminate noise resonance was also involved in reducing noise levels during turnover.


Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and has a full range of economic engines, performance and reliability to meet customer expectations. Offer new release consists of 1.2 TCe petrol engine 115 hp, the 1.6 MPI petrol engine 85 hp and the 1.5 dCi diesel engine, available in versions for 75 HP and 90 HP.

The 1.2 TCe 115 HP (Euro 5) opened the 2012 Renault Megane and Scenic Collection is the first Renault engine that features direct injection turbo system. Easy, because block of aluminum, the new engine combines driving enjoyment with fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, while providing an output of 115 bhp, comparable to a 1.6 liter engine. Generous torque, 190 Nm, equivalent to a 2.0 liter engine is available in 90% since the 1500 revolutions / minute and full in range between 2000 and 4000 revolutions / minute halves providing very best. Associated with mechanical gearbox 5-speed, this engine recorded a fuel consumption of only 6.1 * L / 100 km (6.2 * utility version) in European combined cycle and CO2 emissions of 140 * g / km (143 * g for utility version). Because of low consumption, cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

The presence of chains with no scheduled maintenance, instead of the traditional belts, also contribute to reducing the cost of use.

1.6 MPI 85 hp Euro 5
This entry petrol engine range, with an output of 60.5 kW is mated to a 5-speed mechanical gearbox. He shows a consumption of 7.5 l / 100 km * in combined cycle and CO2 emissions of 175 g / km *.

1.5 dCi 75 hp and 90 hp Euro 5

Known for its reliability for its performance for low cost of use and low level of CO2 emissions, the 1.5 dCi engine is offered in versions for 75 HP and 90 HP. These two engines, benefiting Dacia eco2 label, they show a low of just 4.5 l/100 km * in combined cycle and CO2 emissions of only 118 g / km *.

The two versions are mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. In version 90 hp, torque 200 Nm, available since the 1750 revolutions / minute, offers a real pleasure to drive, providing more vivid acceleration from low revs. Version 1.5 dCi 75 HP delivers 180 Nm of torque available since 1750 rotations / minute.

As Dacia Lodgy, Dokker and Van Dokker M0 are made on the new platform that integrates a new engine compartment and rear specific unit.

Pseudo front Mac Pherson type with wishbone is the Dacia family. Coming from the Renault Kangoo, rear axle is supple and scheduled purge associated with helical springs. The combined version is available on an anti-roll bar of 20.3 mm. Robust and versatile to take heavy loads, the bridge provides good support and strengthen the body Dacia Dokker cornering stability. Thus, there is almost no difference between the roll of the vehicle empty and loaded, guaranteeing safe road behavior and no surprises in all configurations.

Intended for different uses, size and amplitude of suspensions are specific to each version. The wheelbase of 2.81 m, almost 10 cm shorter than the Logan MCV, provides good handling, with a circle diameter of 11.1 m

Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and has a ground clearance of 189 mm respectively 186 mm, enabling them to face any type of road.


Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and wears their genes Dacia production reliability and quality, recognized by customers and the press. But these advantages are even stronger, the more they draw on the Renault, the leader in sales of commercial vehicles in Europe since 1998.

Many parts of Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and were developed according to specific specifications for Renault vehicles. The lower body was designed according to the same exacting that led to the Renault Kangoo, and can travel 300 000 km without performance decrease. Front, pseudo MacPherson type with wishbone, was strengthened to meet the criteria for Renault light commercial vehicles. Rear axle, taken from the Renault Kangoo, is known for their comfort, for strength and is especially adapted for the carriage of cargo.

Validation tests of the Dacia Dokker meant driving for 1.9 million kilometers in extreme conditions to cover the maximum possible uses. To ensure reliability and the best benefits of dynamic tests were conducted on paved roads with potholes and bumps on roads covered with sand, dust in tunnels and under conditions of high heat or extreme cold.

Dacia Dokker Van has undergone specific tests "Renault vehicles' endurance has been validated by the most severe Renault test track, which reproduce the most difficult conditions. Sliding doors and rear doors, often required in professional use, were also tested to 100,000 cycles included opening / closing.

Dacia Dokker Van was also tested in real conditions to verify durability. Inaugurated on Renault Megane III participate in the tests of 30 vehicles that run for three months in Romania on difficult routes. Thus, Van Dokker traveled nearly 850,000 kilometers of progress identified elements are processed quickly and integrated into the manufacturing process. This approach provides a better suitability of the product to fleet customers demanding expectations.

Dacia Dokker has a warranty of 3 years / 100,000 km for the whole range.

Safety without compromise

Active safety
Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and have the same braking system as Lodgy Dacia. It consists of an ABS system with electronic brake force distributing and emergency brake assist. Available in choice, control system trajectory generation block ESC is created by Continental, Continental Mark 100, proposed and Lodgy Dacia. System, including Traction Control and antilock anti-roll mode, ensure that the trajectory of the vehicle in case of special circumstances, such as avoiding an obstacle, loss of grip on steering or driving on a slippery road.

Passive safety
To ensure maximum occupant protection, Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and architecture have a body reinforced by Renault engineers. Structure is the first occupant protection. The models of Van Dokker Dokker and consists of steel and materials that absorb and dissipate energy as well.

Seatbelts are equipped with load limiters calibrated to protect the chest in case of shock. In Europe, Dacia Dokker, the driver restraint system is complemented by a pyrotechnic pretensioners. In case of sudden braking, it gradually plated belt to the chest and pelvis for optimized maintenance. The vehicle is equipped as standard with airbags for driver and passenger and side airbags and head / thorax.

Isofix attachment system integrated in three places on the rear allows secure installation of child seats or inaltatoarelor.

Dacia Van Dokker Dokker and were designed to provide a good level of safety for pedestrian protection. Thickness and stiffness of the front bumper have been studied to protect legs. Hood and fenders have been developed to better absorb and cushion the shock to a pedestrian. Hard elements have been removed under the hood at the points of the headform.
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