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New toyota cars - The new Avensis, changing the face

Toyota Avensis is your Japanese business segment. Even here, like most anywhere, the market is not without competitors, on the contrary. Because on most markets, limousine or sedan is the first body in top consumer preferences was normal sense as the Japanese try the impossible and even necessary to succeed in the segment. Toyota Avensis Cars is really the outstanding model comes screaming out loud as a car is potivit than German or French, segment leaders with top facilities in standard European elections from receiving the same facilities in exchange for their bifarii optional list. In addition, if you have a Toyota Avensis already out of the monotonous landscape, dominated by the Passat, Mondeo, Octavia and the older generation Megane.

The New Toyota Avensis 2012 are different.
MOTOR - new cars toyota tested in the early era test drive last version Avensis 2.2 D-CAT. The engine has not undergone major changes over time, becoming Euro 5.
If the previous version, the 2.2 diesel provides 177 horsepower, we now have only 150, but torque remains high, that is 340 Nm. It is true that previous version had a manual transmission and Toyota today
provides an automatic, but carefully, choosing automatic transmission lead to the loss of 27 HP to talk about,
but also the speed which decreases from 220 to 205 km / h As an interesting note, and torque is ridcat for manual version, so if you opt for it, the 340, you have 400 Nm.
In general, we are dealing with the same engine as the previous version, labeling significant changes with Euro 5, so the level of friendship with the environment.
Six-speed automatic transmission is just, good thing, because if only the six-speed computer
Japanese takes some time to decide what level he wants to run, and if there would have been two additional speeds, the engine probably would have faced a real symphony of speed.
Avensis, in their configuration at trial, that Elegance is equipped with changeable but the steering wheel with paddles where the driver can play with speed range, or those grounded in classical, changes can be made directly from leverage, Once past the manual position.
Avensis comes with a Sport button, located near the gear lever, button to change the behavior of the car, which becomes more aggressive, May joined engine, performances closer to the driver desires.
However, even without pressing the button too often because, Avensis consumed around 9.4 to 9.5 l/100 km, mainly extra traffic and normal speed. So, under the highway, whether running speed is 160 km / h or 130 km / h, ie legal, Avensis does not fall below 9.5 l/100 km. In urban traffic, decimals subtle changes, increasing by 0.2 to 0.4 l/100 km, so insignificant. We can say therefore that the Avensis eat a lot, but not much difference between urban and extra traffic.
For an ideal consumption and a power / speed / consumption optimally esterecomandat to run an eye on the board, where a green warning, with the inscription "eco" will confirm that you are in the optimal range.
For according to consumption figures stated here are the manufacturer: 7,9 / 5,4 / 6,3 l/100 km in city / highway / combined.

New cars toyota - BEHAVIOUR

Besides gearbox responding after pressing the accelerator and if their algorithm, a fierce and sometimes their own independent, Avensis is a good companion, and willing to capacious, comfortable and aggressive when needed, with a circle of rotilo rsufieicnt easily enough for a sedan of 4710 mm long and 1810 wide.
Stability is exemplary, and the dampers absorb shocks smoothly existing unevenness still plentiful on the country roads.

New cars toyota - DESIGN

Avensis rejuvenated, changing to three times since its market. It can aspune the new look, with a rounded snout and leaned asphalt is the most successful so far, interfering into current style trends, a combination of classic, sports and high-life.
The girl suffered the greatest changes, and so is the push you over the most. The headlights have lost and gained a wide new form, with the terminus somewhere in the mid bonnet and grille in tmp that was redesigned, with the front bumper, fog lights and front wings laterlae. In addition, the new Avensis gets LED daytime running lights, which unfortunately remain insificiente under Romanian law, there is need low beam lights in extra traffic.
The back comes with redesigned bumper, which gets up to form a baffle in the lower
and redesigned lamps, which becomes an irregular shape and change the position of reversing lamps, which are now two of the optical block.

New cars toyota INTERIOR

Strange or not, Avensis is offered separately on the price list of those from Toyota and depending on the color console, it can be "nickel" or "silver", but only available to the Luxury.
Otherwise, the interior has not changed anything, position, design, control functions remain the same as the previous version. Well, for demanding, the clocks have lost their inscriptions and orange of the previous Avensis, leaving only the other white, and the console cetrala incalzirrii missing buttons for seats, because the version tested had the same option now. Changed the navigation system, which is now more complex and better developed, although difficult to read in traffic, but with the right front passenger, to keep us in touch with the directions on the screen, we included a warning of exceeding maximum speed on that run the section, or find out exactly what type of gas station nearby and where we placed. Otherwise, as I said, consulting the screen can be difficult to walk because of its positioning, somewhere in the middle console, too low to oversee and street and as I said, too complex to be enough on one.

New cars toyota - TECHNOLOGY

None at this level has not appeared nothing more, or different, except for navigation. Toyota is well-equipped sound system is powerful, already common in Toyota stuff. But have noticed two small
"Leakage" of Japanese engineers: system equipped with rearview camera is equipped with auxiliary lines already famous on the screen, those calculated trajectory and I warn you that you deun obstacle too close to reversing. And cede to the Toyota car not equipped with a buzzer, to compensate for this shortcoming, so that, being accustomed to their presence, you may end up parcand the front grille of the car being behind, waiting buzzing notifying you that you too close, or the appearance of a red line on the screen, not yellow or purple, to warn you. In this case we are dealing with a single film and is necessary to adjust the driver's car size.
New cars toyota - SAFETY

Toyota Avensis since 2009 obtionut maximum EuroNCAP stars, intensity of which was taken over and facelift. We do not have to worry about it, knowing that japoezii are true champions of safety cars it manufactures, perhaps because most of them going overseas.

New cars toyota = Value for money

Toyota Avensis Facelift is situated at a lower level compared with competitors in the segment, but only when it vne entry-level version. The tested, as directed by top-end, 30,992 Euros, VAT included the cost, hassle price that gives both those who want a car, but also dealers who will try to sell.
I'm not saying it is not worth every penny, but given the Romanian market, in contnua and obvious decrease, due to the resale value is not just the Japanese vehicles Bina in our country, price
30,992 Euro is a real enemy in the way of marketing a model that comes though for sales

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August 26, 2012 at 10:00 PM

The above Toyota car is looking simply stunning and stylish. I am really very impressed by seeing its amazing design. Its features are also quite good. I would love to buy such kind of car for my family. Thanks for sharing.

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